Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Fall Festivities

Fall is my all time favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the trees are beautiful, everything is made with pumpkin. Somehow, the world smells like cinnamon. What's not to love? 

Well, this year, C gave us an excuse for even more fun. Everything is better when you get to share the experience with a little one. In the past few weeks, we have ventured to the Fall Festival in Mount Laurel, to Railroad Park for a stroll and C's first park swing, to the zoo for the first time, and to Old Baker's Farm to visit the pumpkin patch. We've been busy, but wouldn't have it any other way.

The Fall Festival was more of a craft fair with a bouncy house, but it was a beautiful day and there were dogs everywhere, so C was perfectly happy.

She's looking at a puppy

The day was young, so we headed to Railroad Park to hang out with Aunt Mallory and Uncle Pete. We tried the park swing for the first time. She liked it, but she much preferred to watch all the other kids run around on the playground. She certainly was cute though!

The next weekend brought on the zoo! I have been dying to take C to the zoo. She lights up around dogs and I just knew she would love other animals too. Aunt Mallory joined us for a girls day and it was perfect. And, I was right. C had a blast!

An attempt at getting a shot of her with her giraffe by the giraffes

Mommy making pig noises

The petting zoo was by far our favorite. The goats ran to the gate and thrust their heads out for us to pet them and the pig snorted, sending C into a fit of giggles. What a fun day! We will be back. Very soon.

The next day, we ventured over to Harpersville to Old Baker's Farm to pick a pumpkin. CiCi and Poppa met us there for some good old fashioned small town fun. I had actually never been to a pumpkin patch before, so I was really excited to not only experience it for the first time, but to get to share it with my sweet girl.

Fun with CiCi in the barn (in the beautiful smocked dress she made for me)!

Discovering cotton

nap time

On the hay ride with CiCi and Poppa!

What a fun day!
It was a wonderful day and a nice reminder of life's simple joys. After a day of barbecue, coke, fried pie, livestock, cotton, corn stalks, and hayrides, we drove home with four pumpkins, a sleeping baby, and a new family tradition. It just doesn't get better than that.

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