Monday, November 28, 2011


We are safe and sound following our typical trek across the state for the holiday and I find myself even more aware of just how thankful I am to be surrounded by family. Instead of dreading the four hour drive from one family to the other, I relish in the fact that we have so many loved ones to see. What a wonderful problem to have!

We spent Thanksgiving with Husband's family this year (we alternate each year to keep it fair) and then spent the weekend with my family. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful as always, with more food than we could possibly eat followed by the coveted chocolate chess pie (a recipe I fear I will never acquire). But, my favorite part about this year was watching our family test the limits of the dining room, squeezing five couples, two children at a kids table, and a baby in a high chair into the room, hoping its walls may become pliable. 

By this summer, two more babies will join this side of the family. It's amazing, really to experience the joy that children add to the holidays, to life. Catherine is lucky to have two older cousins from whom she will learn valuable lessons like how to jump on the bed and how to create the perfect twirl in her dress; and she is lucky to have two more on the way, who will no doubt learn countless lessons from the three older girls. I simply can't wait to watch our family grow over the next few years and to see how each holiday changes to adapt to the expansion, to see how the walls will hold us all in so that we may enjoy the simple pleasure of a meal together to celebrate our gratitude.

Swinging with Aunt Sarah (and my new baby cousin on the way!)
Happy Thanksgiving!
I always miss my family on the off years, as splitting up holidays is without a doubt the most difficult adjustment to marriage. But, we are lucky enough to all live in the same state, separated only by an afternoon drive. Husband and I and a soundly sleeping Catherine made our way to Lake Martin Friday to spend the weekend with my side. Unfortunately, we missed my sister and brother-in-law since they were with his family, but we were able to enjoy relaxing while watching Catherine crawl all over the place. I love that we see them so often and that they have really been able to watch her grow up these last nine months. Seriously, so blessed.

My parents were even nice enough to keep Catherine for us all day Saturday so that Husband and I could go to the Iron Bowl. It was the first time I had left C for that long, but I was at ease knowing she was in good hands. I enjoyed my first game in Jordan Hare cheering for the other side. I know, I'm a traitor. But, I have to admit, sharing a win with Husband was so much fun, and I look cute in crimson...

So, what was I thankful for this Thanksgiving? There aren't enough words. I am thankful for my family, for my friends, and for the simple pleasure of tucking my daughter into bed every night and snuggling her every morning. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving!

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