Monday, November 14, 2011

Copy Cat

C started mimicking me today. It is so adorable. It started with breakfast. She is never too thrilled with breakfast. It has nothing to do with the food itself. She's just a little the dog... and her bib... and her toes... making it difficult to actually finish her meal. 

Today, I ate with her, mostly because I was starving, but also because I thought she might want to eat more if I was eating. Well, I was right! Every time I took a bite of my yogurt, she opened her mouth for a bite of her food. And she ate it all! We've even ventured into finger foods. She's eating teeny tiny bites of very ripe banana and we've introduced puffs. She's getting the hang of it...

The mimicking continued as C learned a new noise from Mommy. I was clucking like a chicken to try to make her laugh. She studied my mouth, concentrated, and made the same noise! I may regret this later as she has been making this noise all day long, but it's so cute.

I guess I'll have to be even more careful of what I say and do around my little copy cat now. It is so much fun watching her learn!

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