Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oy, With the Poodles Already

Halloween was always fun growing up. My sister and I wore matching costumes, almost always a Disney princess. We trick or treated with our friends, taking turns hosting each year so we could try different neighborhoods. We painted our front window, carved pumpkins, made ghost cookies, and ate way too much candy. It was awesome.

In college and a few years after, it was an excuse for parties with trash cans full of unidentified punch and scantily clad costumes often involving thigh highs.

Fast forward a few years and our experience is slightly different with a little one. I made the infamous ghost cookies (even though Husband and I ate most of them). And C helped me clean out pumpkins for carving, experiencing the gooey fun for the very first time.

And we were charged with finding the perfect first costume for our little trick or treater. I think we nailed it.

Our pink poodle!

Cousin Abigail loves baby Catherine!

We spent the evening with cousin Abigail and Aunt Beth and Uncle Clay. Their neighborhood was perfect for trick or treating and C loved the view from her stroller of kids running all over the place. She was a trooper and was wide awake in her snuggly poodle costume well past her bed time. We had such a good time and cannot wait for next year. I think trick or treating with sweet Abigail might just become a tradition. Holidays are so much more fun with tiny people!

And just for fun, look at what sweet Abigail was for her first Halloween four years ago:

Great minds think alike :)

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