Thursday, May 3, 2012

14 Months Old!

I'm a bit behind these days, mostly because we stay busy running around and playing all day long. C turned 14 months old on the 23rd. Not that I feel the need to elaborately celebrate each month birthday, but we needed an activity. These days, we are antsy if we can't play outside and it was unseasonably cool (that one day) as well as crazy windy.

So we went shoe shopping with Aunt Mallory (where C threw multiple shoes into a nearby trashcan) and then got ice cream. Not a bad day at all!

Check out her sassy new bangs!

It amazes me each month how much she changes. She really is a tiny little person now, personality, moodiness, and all. She has opinions. She understands directions. She chooses to ignore the word "no." 

She walks runs all over the place. She is independent. She takes my hand when she wants to and pushes it away when she doesn't. 

She dances to music. She makes music with bells, shakers, and drums. She bangs on tupperware and pots and pans. 

She loves to chase me and to sneak up to Daddy and Banks. (If you say the word "sneaky," she tip toes and giggles).

She still loves her fuzzy blanket more than anything. We left it at my parents' house last weekend and they had to overnight it to us. It was a big deal.

She is a pretty good eater most of the time, but chooses to survive solely on milk, cheese, goldfish crackers, and Cheerios some days, and that's okay too.

She loves Beanie Babies. She puts them into her Easter basket or a bag or a box, carries them around, and takes them back out. It's a good thing we saved all of ours! Unfortunately, we completely devalued them by removing the original tags. There goes her college fund...

She loves a ball. She throws it. She kicks it. She sits with it in her chair. Any ball will do, but her favorite is a little soccer ball she got for her birthday.

She knows no boundaries. She will attempt to climb over any barricade, puts her leg through the baby gate, jumps out of her chair. She also falls a lot. These go hand in hand.

Banks is her best friend (and depending on what she is eating, she is his). She sits on his bed, lounges on him, pets him with play silverware, feeds him some of everything she is eating, and chases him around all day gently placing things on his back (wash cloths, socks, toys). 

She loves Kindermusik. She lights up in class and repeats what she learns all week long. Her favorite thing to do is ride around the room on a beach towel, singing songs while I pull.  We will miss it so much this summer.

She talks constantly, though not much is English. She says "doggie," "daddy," "momma" (working on "mommy"), "uh oh," and "weeeeee." She says "weeeee" all day long, especially when she's having fun. Instead of "vroom," she says "weeeee" when playing with cars or anything with wheels. She says it with arms raised as I pull her in the wagon. It is, by far, my favorite sound in the world.

She is everything I hoped for and so much more. I wake up to her smile each morning and rock her to sleep with giggles each night. I am thankful every day I get to be her mom.

Fourteen months old and growing, and I've got a ringside seat. I am utterly in love with this sweet, kind, funny little girl. 

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