Thursday, May 31, 2012

15 Months

Miss Catherine is 15 months old! Her 15 month check up went well (besides the three dreaded shots). She's right on target developmentally and is still our tall and thin little girl. 

At 15 months, C...

  • weighs 24 lbs (50th percentile)
  • is 32.5" long (95th percentile)

  • Says dada, mama, dog, ball, duck, no, and mmm (moo)
  • Says "weeee" whenever she spins, slides, or plays with a toy with wheels
  • Is in love with Elmo and her fuzzy chair

  • Dances to music (especially the Elmo's World song)
  • Eats most everything, depending on the day, but will (almost) always eat bananas, Babybel cheese, avocado, chicken, brown rice, Cheerios, yogurt, and goldfish crackers. 
  • Drinks so. much. milk.
  • Is sleeping from 8:00pm-6:30am (most nights) and taking two naps a day
  • Has 10 teeth
  • Is happiest when outside
  • Loves to play ball

  • Still loves her fuzzy blanket

  • Loves to read (or to be read to), but picks the same two books before bed each night: Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book.
  • She also loves The Cow Loves Cookies, Baby Farm Animals, and Love You, Forever.
  • Will usually fall asleep to me singing You Are My Sunshine
  • Loves to go for rides in her wagon, on Big Daddy's walker, in her toy basket, and on her magic carpet (beach towel), but still hates the car.

  • LOVES her Daddy
  • Runs everywhere and is into everything
  • Loves coloring (and sorting the crayons into stacks)
  • Loves to stack and organize things into categories
  • Loves Banks

  • Loves all animals, but is really into farm animals lately

  • Is my funny, silly, curious little girl who is growing up so much every single day.


  1. I just posted Jack's 15 month apt and I feel like we're living the same life right now! When I read this, I was like "yep, yep, yep" I can so relate to everything! They are even similar in their size!

    1. I love keeping up with Jack too! It's so fun to see what kids are doing similarly and differently at each age.