Thursday, May 10, 2012

The View From Here

Sometimes I find it difficult to recognize the view before me. I watch her every day. We play games. We go on outings and adventures. We learn together. My view is the same every day. Everywhere I look, she is there.

But sometimes, like today, I don't recognize what I see. Sometimes, I look at my baby and she is trying to put socks and shoes on her feet because she knows that is where they go. She is sorting her toys into categories... correctly. She is pretend drinking from pretend tea cups. She is placing a bow on her head and putting the top on her sippy cup. She is putting dirty clothes into the hamper and trash into the trash can. She is brushing her hair and her teeth after her bath.

When did she learn all of these things?

It's funny, really, to think of such simple tasks in the eyes of a child. With each new task she learns, she lights up with excitement. Her eyes widen and she flashes her seven toothed smile because she has never been prouder.

I hope she knows, neither have I.

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