Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby's 2nd Easter

I realize I missed the boat on this post being in any way timely, but I had to share some snapshots of my precious girl on Easter Sunday.

Last year, she was a teeny tiny 2 month old. We attempted church, but I spent most of it rocking her in the lobby.
Oh, the changes a year will bring.

This year, we opted to skip church all together. Maybe next year. Instead, we spent a relaxing weekend at the lake house with family and watched C hunt for plastic Easter eggs for the very first time. She was adorable.

She was greeted on Easter morning by a new Elmo (wearing bunny ears), some books, and some Beanie Baby bunnies. But, her favorite part was the pink Easter grass.

Then, we "hunted" Easter eggs. Instead of candy, we filled her eggs with some of her favorite treats - Cheerios, goldfish, and Babybel cheese! There were two special eggs that had new finger puppets in them. It really is so much fun to watch her experience things for the first time. She spent the rest of the day opening and closing eggs, putting them into her basket and taking them back out, and carrying her basket all over the place. So much fun! Thanks to my Dad, the whole day was well documented.

Happy Easter :)

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