Friday, May 11, 2012

Sick Day

The past two mornings, I have started my day covered in C's vomit (after reflexively catching it in my hand --- what is with that involuntary mom refelx?!) Hello, stomach virus.

In 14 months, this is the first case of the stomach virus to hit our house. I would be completely okay if it stayed away for a while. It has been so sad. She loves milk, but has thrown it back up every single time I've given it to her. She ate absolutely nothing yesterday besides a popsicle.

Today, I got her to eat a little JELLO, a few Cheerios, and to drink a lot of juice/water mixed with pedialyte. But, she hasn't thrown up again since this morning! 

I am hoping so much that tomorrow morning doesn't mirror the past two.

We stayed in town instead of going to the lake house to celebrate Mother's Day weekend with my family. I hated so much to change plans, but I just couldn't put a sick baby in a rear facing carseat for two hours.

So we spent our day watching Sesame Street on Netflix, coloring, reading books, and snuggling. I hate so much that I have a sick baby girl, but I have enjoyed getting to spend some time getting sweet snuggles. 
Here's to tomorrow...

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