Monday, January 28, 2013


C will be two in less than a month and just today, she has had at least four melt downs, if not more. They have been about important issues, of course.

I would not let her touch duck poop at the park (though it does look very interesting). I would not let her "watch Pooh" on our way home from the park (mostly because Pooh lives on my iPad and my iPad was not in the car). After dinner, I, once again, would not let her "watch Pooh" because it was time to take a bath; and then I made her take said bath without her blanky. As soon as I put her in the water, she refused to sit down and kept saying, "all clean" and waving to the water while she said "bye."

Hello, Two. We have arrived.

Her smile returned immediately upon exit of the tub, we snuggled and read bedtime stories, and she was asleep by 7:15. My sweet girl is still so very sweet; but I have no doubt we are approaching the "two's" head on.

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