Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Magic Lens

We got a new camera right before Christmas. Husband got a bonus for being so awesome at work and it was a present to ourselves. He was a photography minor in college and does beautiful work, but we haven't had a digital SLR for about a year and we were really missing it. The iPhone just wasn't cutting it anymore.

With the camera purchase, Husband picked out a couple new lenses, one of which was a 50mm f 1.4. I was already in love with his 20-40mm f 2.8. In my eyes, it could do no wrong. He tried to convince me that this new one would be my new favorite, but I just couldn't imagine it. Then, I used it.

It has magical powers. I'm still getting used to it (I definitely get a few blurry shots now and then), but it is an amazing lens. Between my dad (a professional photographer) and Husband, I know a little; but usually stick to fully automatic...until now. Thanks to a few pointers, I have been getting some great shots of C (some have even been mistaken as Husband's)!  She lives with paparazzi now because we are obsessed with documenting every day with the magic lens.

The camera loves this little girl (and so do we).

The only one I can take credit for...

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