Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting, Baking, and Memory Making...

...That's what rainy days are made of.

Monsoon season is upon us, which means our favorite outdoor activities are off limits and we are in desperate need of fun indoor activities to keep an active toddler entertained. Luckily, C has a million toys and dress up clothes; and she loves to paint and help me in the kitchen. She's so funny these days and has kept me thoroughly entertained while trapped inside.

We got some new finger paint and she had so much fun. She loved it so much, she asked to paint again while I was making dinner. So, I let her.  I had to put the paint out of sight because she asks to paint whenever she sees it and we aren't always set up for such a messy project! I love that she enjoys it so much though.

We have had so much fun with her new dress up clothes and dance outfits. The ballet outfits are for when she starts dance this summer, but she already loves to wear them. She brushes her outfit and says, "pink tutu," and smiles. We've already been working on ballet positions.

Aunt Mallory and Uncle Pete went to Disney World after Christmas and brought C a pink princess purse and gloves. She has recently gotten into "princesses," so this princess/ dress-up combo was right up her alley!

Baking with C is one of my favorite things to do. I love to cook, but am honestly not a baker. Knowing how much fun it will be to make a giant mess and taste test with my favorite sous chef makes me want to bake every day. 

I am so ready for this weather to pass so we can run around at the park again; but, until then, I'm enjoying our rainy day fun together. These are the days that memories are made of.

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