Monday, December 3, 2012

Under the Sea

Few things are better in this life than experiencing something new through the eyes of your child, so we took advantage of being in Atlanta for the weekend and spent Sunday exploring The Georgia Aquarium. 

To say it is impressive is an understatement. We were there all day and only finished half of it; but C was exhausted from partying the night before at Stone Mountain and ended up taking a cat nap in her stroller while we ate lunch. 

We still had the best time walking through the exhibits and watching C's face light up as animals we'd read about swam over her head.

We watched the dolphin show and C was mesmerized. She clapped and gasped with glee each time a dolphin surfaced. When a ball dropped down from the rafters for a trick, she excitedly pointed and said, "ball!" and when it was pulled back up after the trick, she cried out, "oh no!"

It truly is magical to watch her experience new things. I love watching her eyes widen as she sees something thrilling or watching her brow furrow as she tried to make sense of it all. I love watching Husband carry her all over the place and point out different creatures. I love that in every experience is a lesson and in every place, a classroom. And I love that I get to share this sweet, smart little girl with the man she calls Daddy.

Georgia Aquarium, we'll be back. There are many more memories to be made.

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