Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread House

This one time, I thought decorating a gingerbread house would be a fun, easy, rainy day activity. I assembled the house last night and provided only icing and two types of sprinkles for decorating. Easy enough, right?

The first thing she did was dump every single sprinkle out onto the table, sending them rolling and scattering across the kitchen into corners that will no doubt hold them for months.

Then, I introduced the icing... 

And then, because she hadn't made a big enough mess with sprinkles, I gave her a shaker...

As soon as we were finished, I scooped her up, beater and all, marched upstairs and plopped her straight into the bathtub (which I will be cleaning tonight because it is dyed by red and green sprinkles).

It was fun. And, is that not the most beautiful gingerbread house you've ever seen?

Making memories is messy. Mommy has much cleaning to do.

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