Monday, December 3, 2012

The Great Narrator

They say to help teach your child language, that you should talk about everything you do, narrating your day in hopes that some of it will stick. I've been doing this for some time and it is obviously working, but today, I had a revelation.

If you narrate your every move so that your toddler will learn, they will learn to narrate their every move.

C now tells me everything she's doing while she's doing it, often in triplicate (a habit I must have).

Heard daily around our house:

"Wash, wash, wash" (while washing her hands)

"Dry, dry, dry" (while drying her hands)

"Rock, rock, rock" (while rocking her baby or while being rocked by me)

"Clean, clean, clean" (while helping me dust or wipe up a mess)

"Up, down, up, down" or "step, step" (while on the stairs)

"Socks and shoes" (while putting on socks and shoes)

"Eat, eat" (while pointing to food she has deliberately dropped on the floor for the dog)

Other favorite phrases:

"It's okay"

"Oh no"

"No, no, no"

"It's all gone" 

"Mik pease" ("milk please")

"It's a cow! Mooo"

"It's a puppy!" "Puppies!"



"Car! Beep beep!"

Watch what you say. Nothing is a secret around here!

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