Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zoo Date

Last Friday, we met my friend Jessica and C's friends Ben and baby Abby for a fun day at the zoo. We set the toddlers free to run and jump and press their little faces up against the exhibits. We ran after them, snapping quick photos, hauling strollers, and providing snacks and sippy cups. I'm pretty sure that in toddler land, it was one of the best days ever.

We started with the monkeys. Of course, Catherine's favorite thing in their exhibit is the ball they have to play with. She got so excited and just pointed and squealed, "ball" over and over again. There was the tiniest little money that came up to the glass to visit. 

It was so adorable watching Ben and Catherine run from exhibit to exhibit. We noticed that C stands up on her toes while Ben squats down to look at the animals. What sweet kids!

We got to feed a giraffe! C loved it, but couldn't quite get the food on the giraffe's tongue, so Mommy had to help. That was one very long tongue!

All three kids were starting to melt down by then, so we headed to grab what we thought would be a quick lunch. Apparently, we chose the busiest time ever and were in line for at least 20 minutes (which in toddler time is an eternity). C downed some cheese and fell asleep in her stroller (which would prove to be her one and only nap of the day) while Ben shoved yogurt raisins in his mouth. We finally got food and C woke up from her tiny cat nap just in time to eat! 

Even though it was painfully obvious how tired they all were, we had to visit the petting zoo before leaving. Catherine LOVES farm animals, goats in particular. She reached her hands into the corrals to pet and feed them. Ben was a bit more reserved and preferred to view from a distance. 

One last shot before the melt downs began... on the tractor!

We had such a fun day with our friends! I love that Ben and C will grow up together. They will love us so much for all these photos one day.

C and Ben on their first date...

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  1. Love that last picture! Our babies are growing up!!