Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making Lemonade

We moved across town over two years ago and it somehow never occurred to me to update my voter registration. So, I checked online last night just to be sure and (oops) am still registered on the other side of town.

Well, if I'm driving 20-30 minutes with Miss C, I'm making it count! So, we made lunch plans with my friend Heather, whose office is downtown; and, we planned to spend the afternoon at the McWane Center.

C fell asleep on the way to the poll and stayed asleep on my shoulder while I voted. Even sleeping, she got an "I Voted" sticker! Then, we met Heather at Surin for some delicious Thai. Yummmm!

Then, off to the McWane Center! She was so tired, but as soon as we walked in the lobby, she started running. We spent a lot of time with Clifford; spent a little time with the giant Lite Brite; lay on a bed of nails; and then got SOAKED at the water table and bubble station.

Her dress was so soapy and wet with bubble solution that we bought a t-shirt in the gift shop on the way out. We're now the proud owners of a blue dinosaur shirt! C napped in her cozy new t-shirt all the way home. Now, my goal is to keep her awake long enough to avoid a 4:30 wake up call again in the morning!

So, even though I feel like an idiot for forgetting to update my info, at least we enjoyed our day downtown! Plus, we like any activity that comes with a sticker.

P.S. We voted for Elmo

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