Thursday, November 8, 2012


My dad likes to tell a story about when I was little and visited his work for a family day. They had fun snacks and a bouncy house. From then on, I begged to go to work with him because I was convinced that all he did was eat snacks and jump in a bouncy house all day.

Fast forward a few years and C and I often visit Husband at his office, which is conveniently located in a huge office building attached to the mall. We usually meet for lunch in the food court and then ride the carousel. How long do you think we have until C starts telling people that her Daddy eats french fries, rides the carousel, and plays on a train at his job?

And people will think, "Wow! Your Daddy has the best job ever!" as they try to picture a 6'4" grown man riding gleefully up and down on a carousel pony.

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