Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Last Sunday, we ventured to our favorite pumpkin patch in Harpersville to find the perfect little pumpkin. We went for the first time last year and had so much fun posing a giggly baby all around the farm. This year, we had a busy, running, jumping toddler. Thankfully, my dad came armed with his camera and caught our little firecracker in action.

She loved riding the little John Deere tractors by the corn field.

We headed to the pumpkin patch first. We got to ride a horse drawn wagon to the patch. Catherine wasn't entirely sure she liked it.

First, we stopped to smell some flowers.

Then, it was off to find the perfect pumpkin!

She did lots of stacking and sorting...

And then settled on this adorable little green pumpkin.
She was also quite fond of this little white one. So, of course, we got both...


We attempted a quick family shot with my parents and sister, but this is the best we could get.
The angle makes Mom look like she's on a giant hay bale above us all.
When we got back, we snacked and discovered that Catherine really likes corn on the cob (she ate all of CiCi's).

And then, we headed to the petting zoo. She had a blast, as usual, with the animals. She loved feeding and petting the goats and even got to pet a fuzzy baby duckling. 

She made friends with a baby cow. It was the sweetest thing. She held hay out to feed it and it walked over to her, ate out of her hand, and let her pet him. Her favorite book right now is about a cow (The Cow Loves Cookies), so she was very excited!
Before heading home, we played in one strip of the corn maze. We ran back and forth over and over and over again. I think she had just as much fun as she would have in the real thing.

She loves her CiCi and Poppa!
It was a pretty fantastic day spent enjoying time with family, eating delicious fried foods, and watching Catherine run around with complete glee. I love our little tradition. Now, we just have to carve our pumpkins!

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