Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aaaaah Choo

Children are sponges. For every thing I intentionally teach her, C picks up five more things unintentionally. Months and months ago, when she was just starting to laugh at me, I developed a few bits. One that almost always got a laugh was to put something on top of my head, dramatically "sneeze" and have it fall off. Hilarious, right?

Fast forward to now and C thinks that "aaaah choo" is the sound to make when anything falls. She puts a block on her head and proudly says, "aaaah choo" as it falls. She smiles at me for reassurance. And I applaud.

One day very soon, she'll figure it out. But, until then, I am enjoying the sweet sound of her voice sneezing all day long. And I am gently reminded that she is watching and copying everything we do!

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