Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Measure by Measure

Day 69

After voicing my frustration with C's treatment, I decided that my eyes can no longer be trusted in determining whether or not the propranalol is working. So, today, I've started measuring the hemangioma and will do so each week to see how she is progressing. I am a list maker, a planner, the annoying mom who brings a notebook and photos of progression to each doctor's appointment. I need something concrete. I need something to prove my eyes wrong and make me feel better about purposely lowering my baby's blood pressure.

So, today, on day 69 of treatment (now at 0.8 mL every 8 hours), the hemangioma is measuring 3 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, and 0.8 cm protrusion. 

Day 69 of treatment

And, again, to make myself feel better, a side by side comparison from day 1:

Day 1 : Day 69
Side note: look how expressive C has become in just a couple months!

I know I can see a difference from Day 1, which is always positive. And the hemangioma is definitely interfering less with her eyebrow, but I'm not sure if it is simply from her growth and stretching of skin or from the actual shrinking of the hemangioma. We will go back to see Dr. Theos in 9 days and will hopefully be moving forward. Until then, I will diligently watch, measure, and take notes day by day, measure by measure.

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