Monday, July 25, 2011

Fists Full of Fur

Catherine has a new best friend. He's six years old, likes to nap, and play outside. He drools a lot and is also furry. Did I mention her new friend is our dog, Banks?

We discovered a few weeks ago that the only thing that would make Catherine smile 100% of the time was Banks. She LOVES him. She pulls his ears and grabs his lip and has her little hands full of fur. And Banks just takes it. He walks by and she giggles uncontrollably. He plays in the backyard and she lights up.

Husband and I got Banks together when we were in college, had only been together for a few months, were broke and were living in separate apartments (he has a hyphenated last name). And now, almost six years later, he is providing endless entertainment and love to our little family.

Good Boy.

I'm pretty sure her first word will be "Banks."

Sweet Puppy

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