Sunday, July 24, 2011

The First Five Months

Five months old. Unreal. I still retell the story of her birth like it happened yesterday. I remember holding her for the first time like it were this morning. We brought her home just five minutes ago. But, somehow, five months have flown by in five minutes and I look at my sweet girl and am even more in love than I was that first minute. She is sweet, cheek-puckering-cotton-candy-cavity-causing, sweet. I can't get enough.

The fourth month has been so much fun. Don't get me wrong. I loved the sweet snuggles, and the sleepy moans, and the newness of the first three. But, with the fourth month came so many new discoveries. So many unbelievable changes.

She worked on sitting up:

And growing teeth:

She tried...and rejected... rice cereal:

She learned to roll over:

And she started to laugh:

She discovered a new favorite past time:

And her feet:

And a best friend:

Seriously, so much fun. I've watched her day by day, develop more into the person she will become. She is discovering the world around her and I have a front row seat.

So far, five months has brought baby's first cold and been fussy and severely lacking in sleep, but I have great expectations. If four months could be this much fun, it can only get better. Here's to my sweet sweet five month old. 

Grow, baby C, grow.

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  1. Wait for 5 years to go by. I can still tell the story of the day B arrived like it happened this morning. She is so precious! Miss y'all!