Friday, October 8, 2010

Behold, the Belly Band

At 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow, my belly is growing to the point where it can no longer be mistaken for a large lunch or a beer binge.  I, of course, think I am huge because it is my body that I watch expand daily. But in reality, I’m not quite big enough for most maternity clothes yet. So, here I live, somewhere in the in between stage of pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity.
I feel as if I am the host of a late-night infomercial each time someone asks me how my clothes are fitting. I announce with excitement, “Oh, it’s the Belly Band!” and lift the bottom of my shirt to reveal the black spandex that allows me to get dressed for work each morning. (“Pants too tight? Tired of struggling with those buttons? Is getting dressed exhausting?! You need the Belly Band!”) It’s a simple spandex concoction designed to replace the need for buttoning or zipping pants or skirts. Truthfully, it is a glorious invention, falling only behind the wheel and light beer.  Why limit only to pregnancy? The makers of the Belly Band are truly missing a large target audience. They should set up booths outside of Krispy Kreme and Weight Watchers. (I plan to suggest this to the company.)
Of the maternity clothes I have deemed appropriate for my current state of limbo are the beautiful GAP maternity jeans! Combine the waistband of your most comfortable sweat pants with your favorite stretch jeans and you have maternity jeans: business below, party at the waist. Perfectly in time for the overeating of the holidays completely guilt-free.
I may never go back.


  1. HA!!! I have loved my maternity jeans and dress pants!! I may never go back to buttons and zippers again!! Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! : )

  2. Girl I wore my maternity jeans far into postpardum...they truly are a grand invention. I love your saying, "business below, party at the waist." :o) And now with an 18 month old, I still want to break out the belly band!