Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We did it! We have officially moved! Throughout college and after, I have moved countless times. Some with actual moving companies, others with Dad driving a giant rental truck and the rest of the family serving as our "movers." You'd think I would be an expert by now. This is not the case. Moving across town was quite an ordeal (even with a moving company). I have no clue why we have so much "stuff" and from where it all derived; and I have no clue how people move across the country (Melissa and Justin, I am unbelievably impressed). Thankfully, my parents were there to help us with moving, cleaning, and organizing. I don't think I thank them enough for how helpful they are in all areas of life. Especially now as I cannot carry anything and feel the need to rest after every 25 minutes of intense activity, rendering me basically useless on moving day. As I am closer and closer to joining the many ranks of parents who have come before me, I am grateful that I have such strong examples. I only hope I can compare to the parents I am blessed to have.


 The house has come a long way since we purchased it only three weeks ago. There were some pretty special paint colors and techniques used as well as some fabulous taste in carpet and an apparent DIY decking project gone awry. After repainting the entire house, ripping out carpet and replacing with hardwood, rebuilding the deck, and tiling the carpeted bathroom and "man" room, this house has slowly become ours. Give us a few more months of hanging artwork, changing light fixtures and adding furniture (nursery furniture to be more specific) and we will be ready for baby Ryan's arrival.

The Ryans are officially home.

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