Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 16th Week

Saturday was my 16 week mark. There is not a HUGE baby bump, but a bump nonetheless. I am definitely starting to feel more pregnant as the weeks progress. I noticed this as I was forced to take breaks every 15 minutes while packing last night. That's right! WE ARE MOVING SATURDAY!

So my 16 weeks pregnant self starting packing last night. Not being able to lift anything over 20 pounds makes packing a small feat. As I packed a box, I pretty much left it exactly where it was, creating a cardboard maze in my living room and kitchen. At least the cat is amused. Tonight, I take on the china cabinet. Thankfully, I have enlisted the help of Heather and anyone else who volunteers to assist. I pay in wine. 

This 16th week may challenge the control freak in me as I learn to sit back and watch others DO while I simply direct from the sidelines. The sidelines are not a place I prefer to be. Thank God for movers, family, and friends to help us get settled! But this time next week, I will be sitting in our new house, staring at the empty nursery, and counting down the days until we will know if baby Ryan is a girl or boy!

This life of ours is changing very quickly and I am loving every minute of it (even the packing).

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