Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering it All

It's been a couple of those months where the living of life gets in the way of writing about it. Mostly for good reasons like a wonderful trip to Denver with Husband and a summer full of play dates and trips to the lake with Little Bit; but, partially due to some not so good stuff like my grandfather being admitted into the ICU, having major surgery, and remaining in the hospital for another week only to go to a rehab facility before going back home.

Everything is relatively fine now. After surgery and a stint in the rehab facility, he is finally back at home, healing and getting stronger every day; but, there is nothing like a call that your grandfather is in ICU to make you step back and take a look at things. Sitting in their home, surrounded by the photos and toys and memories of my childhood, I was suddenly trying to remember it all - trying to remember the feeling of waking up to ham and biscuits and hot chocolate on a Saturday morning; or staying up late with my sister watching I Love Lucy recordings on VHS and eating Bon Bons (no, seriously. Bon Bons). I wanted to remember the simplicity of days spent doing cartwheels in the grass and pushing each other on the rope swing my grandfather built in their backyard. I wanted to feel the crisp mountain air of nights spent catching fireflies. I wanted to somehow etch everything into my mind with the permanence of my name burned into the swing's wood frame. I wanted to remember the pure joy of spending time at Nana and Big Daddy's house before the reality of adulthood and responsibility and mortality sunk in.

It reminds me of how permanent the smallest memories can be. My grandparents have taken countless trips with us. They have helped put my sister and I through private schools, purchased safe cars, and taken us on shopping sprees. But, even after a life full of being spoiled, my favorite memories are still the simple ones. They are full of love and sheer happiness. 

It's easy to try to be perfect. It's so easy to get caught up in the world's expectations and forget about your own. It's so easy to compare yourself to the seemingly perfect people on facebook and tv. But, those people aren't real. And the reality is that people get sick and bad things happen. The reality is that life is not perfect. There is never enough money or enough sleep or enough time. There is rarely enough patience. But, there is always enough love.

It doesn't matter what we buy Catherine over the years. It doesn't matter how fancy her school is or what trips we take her on or how fabulous her wardrobe is or what car she eventually drives. What matters is that she lives a life full of happiness. What matters is that she knows that no matter what, she is loved. I hope we can give her a life full of simple memories.

So, in the essence of remembering it all, a peak into the past couple months of our lives, Cliff's Notes style, so we can get back to the present:

  • Husband took me to Denver for a long weekend. We ate delicious food and he surprised me with tickets to The Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks. It was so freaking awesome, words are insufficient. It's nice to remember that we like spending time with each other. And sleeping through the night uninterrupted. We missed C tons, but she had so much fun with her CiCi and Poppa, I'm pretty sure she forgot we were gone.

  • My sister turned 24. But, to me, she'll always be 7.

  • Our newest nephew, Major Andrew, was born to Husband's brother and sister-in-law while we were in Denver! That is one handsome little man. :)
  • We made a day trip to meet Major and spend time with Husband's side of the family. We squeezed a lot of togetherness into a few hours!
  • Spent the weekend at the lake with my family and forced C to look patriotic and adorable for a mini photo shoot. (photos being held hostage by Husband's work computer)
  • We had a slight lapse in sanity and filled a baby pool with 600 plastic balls in our living room. It is still there and she plays in it daily.
  • C watched the Olympics in her custom made London bubble. My mom is awesome.
  • C entertained Big Daddy in the hospital.
  • We bought a membership at the McWane Science Center and have enjoyed every minute of it!
  • We spent lazy weekends at the lake.

  • I turned 28. My family gave me way too many presents and I spent the day celebrating with my favorite little lady followed by dinner and cupcakes at my sister and brother-in-law's place. Getting old isn't so bad...

That pretty much brings us up to speed. We just got back from nine glorious days at the beach. Stay tuned for adorable photos of a happy baby playing in the sand...

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