Wednesday, September 19, 2012

49 and Fluffy

Seven years ago today, our spastic little spaniel entered this world. He was the only male in the litter and was a chunk of floppy ears and loose wrinkly skin. When we took him home at 8 weeks old, he wore a t-shirt that said "One Cool Pup." He cried the whole way home and peed on Husband's chest that night in bed.

We should have known from that moment that owning this dog would be an investment - in both patience and money- as he would cost us carpet replacement in two apartments and one home, would eat through his kennel, choose my favorite shoes as a chew toy, and convince us we were the worst "parents" ever by failing Puppy Kindergarten. 

But still, we loved him. And seven years later, though he is still the most spastic and out of control Springer Spaniel I have ever seen, he is the sweetest companion to our daughter, a snuggly giant lap dog with endless kisses, a co-captain on the boat, and a welcome wagon every time we walk through the door.

Happy Birthday, Banks. You are certainly one of a kind.

And, if you're thinking there's no way I could attach that dog to the stroller without him pulling it over, well, you'd be right. Approximately 2 seconds after snapping this picture, I was lunging to catch a jogging stroller + baby. Don't worry. I'm quite fast these days.

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