Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Baby and The Bunny

We visited the Easter Bunny for the first time this week. Last year, C was a tiny six weeks old, so we didn't attempt the photo opp; but, this year, she loved him!

I had a feeling she would given the fact that, like all her favorite things, he is fuzzy. But, there was still the slight chance she would be one of many babies crying in terror in the photo (which I still find adorable).

She opened her mouth wide and giggled as we approached the big bunny. She willingly left my arms for his and, as I stepped back to entertain her for the camera, I found I was not needed. She was perfectly happy petting him! She posed for the camera and then cried when I picked her back up.

A few minutes after, she slowly walked over to his chair and peered around the corner to see if he was still there. She really is the sweetest thing.

P.S. I'll have to take a close up of the precious Easter outfit she is wearing. My mom made it for her and it is smocked with three fat bunnies with big bows on their heads. My mom has super powers. 

Happy Easter!

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