Monday, February 6, 2012

Late in the Game Product Endorsement

We just started using an Angel Care baby monitor. I realize it's a little late in the game to break out the big guns with a motion sensor monitor, but we just didn't need it until recently. Up until now, she has been a pretty restless sleeper. I was never worried that she was sleeping too soundly. Ever.

The cheap monitor worked just fine when paired with our wireless IP camera mounted over the crib (yes, I married a nerd) for 11 months... or so I thought. But recently, we've had a new issue emerge in the form of a fuzzy blanket. C has become even more attached to her fuzzy blanket lately. It is the blanket that matches her bedding. It's toddler sized. And fuzzy. And she simply must have it. at. all. times. 

Music time
This blanket which was once neatly tucked around her while she slept, has become wound around her body,   thrown over her head, covering her face. I would sneak into her room, carefully reposition it, and by the time I got back to bed and checked the camera, she had pulled it back over her face. I couldn't take the blanket away. She reaches for it in her sleep. She would surely notice. So, I finally programmed the new fancy monitor that I bought a couple months ago. 

And I slept like a dream.

In fact, I actually had (and remembered) dreams for the first time in months...11 months to be exact.

I never realized how jumpy I had been before. I didn't realize I was only half sleeping, constantly on alert to jump out of bed and check on her at a moment's notice. The sense of calm I now have knowing that this monitor will beep loudly at me should she stop moving for more than 20 seconds, or should her room get below 69 degrees or above 77, is indescribable. 

I'm a little angry at myself for waiting this long to jump on board. The Angel Care monitor rocks my world and lets my little angel sleep with her favorite companion without fear of suffocation.

Win. Win.


  1. Is that No More Pacifier for Piggy I see? Man, Beckett loved those books. And so did I. Ah, I miss having a baby!

    1. Yes, it is! It is so cute and getting rid of the paci is on my to do list, so it's in the regular rotation... :)