Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Twist on Valentine's Day

I have never made a big deal about Valentine's Day. I really don't care about roses and chocolate and expensive dinners. That doesn't mean that Husband hasn't gone above and beyond in celebrating over the years; but when we decided to go easy this year, I wasn't disappointed. Instead, we celebrated our little love's very first Valentine's Day together. Because the day is really all about love in general and, we LOVE this little girl more than words can say.

We started the day with heart-shaped cottage cheese pancakes with raspberry-banana puree.

Then, we met Daddy for lunch at the mall. Conveniently, his office is in the Galleria Towers, so after eating a romantic Chick-fil-A lunch, Daddy headed back to work and Catherine and I enjoyed her very first "double doozie" cookie (I enjoyed 98% of it all by myself. She enjoyed a couple mini M&M's and some frosting).

Then we picked out a pretty pony and enjoyed a carousel ride...

...and Catherine enjoyed reading her first Valentine's Day card from Mommy and Daddy.

As far as Husband and I, we exchanged cards and enjoyed watching our favorite little love spend a day engrossed in love. Best Valentine's Day yet.

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