Monday, October 10, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter

Husband is a bit of a computer nerd. Like, the kind of nerd that says "pwned" in everyday conversation and makes onesies for his daughter like this one:

Lucky for him, we happen to love nerds around here.

Lately, C has become a bit of a technophile as well. She is definitely her father's daughter. Since around 3 months old, we have fully embraced the wonder that is Baby Einstein. This happy show of hand puppets and rotating images of bubbles and syrup has kept C's attention while I did exciting things like shower and eat. But lately, her love of technology has expanded a bit. 

She loves my iPad. I mean loves my iPad. I'm pretty she thinks it's hers. I downloaded some child friendly games and she not only recognizes them, but knows exactly what to do. Some of her favorites are Bubble Popper Pro, Farm Animals for Toddlers, and Fruit Ninja.

Then there is the issue of the cell phone. It's shiny. It glows. We talk to Daddy on speaker phone. Why wouldn't it be appealing? The thing is, I am already a terrible phone owner. I drop them in water, down stairs, into glasses of tea. Bad things happen to my phones. So, not wanting to add "death by baby" to reasons I am no longer insurable, we did the only logical thing.

Got her her own.

Don't worry. It's my dad's old Motorola RAZR. She can't go over on her data plan and apparently, it is delicious.

Her birthdays are going to get expensive very fast. I should be worried, right?

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