Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tango with Me

When you have a baby, you spend your days trying to make them laugh. The thing that made them laugh once might not ever amuse them again. And some things are always funny. So every day, I try to get Catherine to laugh at least once. 

Banks is almost always helpful. She finds him funniest when he is just in from the yard, frisky from the cold air, and jumping around the room. 

Daddy is usually funny. He dances and sings and makes funny faces and funny noises.

Tickling does the trick most of the time. C is the most ticklish under her left arm and on her belly, but is also ticklish on the bottom of her feet. If you get her just right, she'll throw her head back and giggle, mouth open wide, showing off her three (almost four) teeth.

I can usually get a laugh when I make any high pitched noise. This is probably why she finds it so funny to pull my hair, the ow I squeal is all she needs. Sneezes are hilarious.

But, this past week at Kindermusik, we learned a new trick that is funny every time: the tango. With her arm stretched out in front of us, leading the way, we tango around the room repeating with the music, "slow, slow, quick, quick, quick" as we step to the beat. She's learning word associations, but she's also learning the joy of dance.

We practice at home, taking turns dancing around the living room with Mommy then Daddy, laughing and smiling the whole time. Such a simple step, a dance that has been danced for generations, gets a laugh every time.

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