Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Months Old

Last Christmas, I was pregnant and basking in the glow of expectant motherhood. I couldn't have even imagined what it would be like just one year later... with a 10 month old!

C is crawling with great speed, pulling up on everything, including the dog (much to his dismay), cruising along the couch, and falling about 100 times daily. We're very busy over at the Ryan house. 

We're busy trying to eat dog food and computer cords and wrapping paper. We're busy unwinding toilet paper and spools of ribbon. We're busy eating puffs and Cheerios and bananas and avocados. We're busy standing up in and escaping from the bath tub. We're busy rolling over and crawling away sans diaper. We're busy climbing over and on top of and under things. We're busy babbling and talking and squealing and yelling. We're busy cutting a fourth tooth and drooling... a lot. We're just busy for the sake of being busy.

And we're loving it.

Happy ten months and first Christmas to our sweet baby girl. Let the fun begin!

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  1. where have 10 mths gone?!? our babies are growing so fast!!