Thursday, February 20, 2014

About a Boy

One month ago (and some change), Husband and I packed our bags, left C with my mom, and headed across town before the sun came up, to check in and have a baby.

After the surprise early arrival of Miss C almost three years ago, this scenario was a bit unfamiliar. First and foremost, Husband was actually in town and present for this one. My bags, instead of consisting of a random assortment of yoga pants and lose toiletries thrown in as I ran out the door, were packed after making a well thought out list. The car seat was installed. I didn't leave the ingredients to spaghetti sauce all over my countertops and we fed the dog before we left. It was a strange feeling to be prepared.

We checked in like we were arriving at a hotel. We rolled our suitcase down the hall and settled into our little prep area. Then, I put on a hospital gown and got hooked up to a bunch of fun monitors and it started to feel a little less fun and a little more clinical.

I had a scheduled c-section this time, my second c-section, so I thought I knew what was coming. Apparently, I remembered very little about my first. Having it scheduled instead of an emergency leaves a whole lot more time to be very very aware of what is going on. That being said, it was pretty amazing when they let Husband in to hold my hand. I may not remember much from C's delivery other than hearing her cry after what seemed like forever, but I remember wishing so much that he were there with me.

As I lay there, numb from the chest down, squeezing Husband's hand as hard as I could, listening to a team on the other side of a curtain, all I wanted to hear was that cry - that first cry, the gasp of air and reassuring scream of a newborn. We heard the doctor say, "look at all of that hair" and then, "wow, what a chunk!" Then, there it was - the cry. He was here!

Wilson Arthur Ryan. 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 21 inches of pure joy.

I'm not sure I could ever put into words the feeling you get when you hear your child cry for the first time. There are no words adequate of such an experience. This person has been living inside you for nine months. He has literally been a part of you for all of this time and now, finally, he is out in the world and he is real and he is yours. Really. You get to keep him!

They brought him to me so I could see him and kiss his little head before making us both presentable. Husband got to hold him first - the first of many father and son moments. 

They gave me my swaddled newborn son to hold as they wheeled me to my room; then I got to do something I couldn't do with his preemie sister - I got to hold him against me for skin to skin contact, the first of many mother and son moments.

Magic. The birth of a child is just that. It is awe inspiring, life affirming, mind blowingly awesome. The birth of a second child is made all the more magical by watching your first born become a sibling. Catherine was the first person to meet Wilson. It was important to us that she have some special time just for she and him to get acquainted - the first of many brother and sister moments. She was in love at first sight.

The day was filled with family and friends filing into our room until it was bursting at the seams. I would have it no other way. Wilson was loved before he ever arrived and I'm so grateful that our children are constantly surrounded by those who love them. This is really what life is all about - sharing life's joys with those you love; and Wilson, you are one of my life's greatest joys. Welcome to our world.

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