Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No More Trampolines

I remember reading all of the rules of pregnancy when I was expecting C and thinking that the "no jumping on trampolines" was a particularly weird one. Now, I know that rule was clearly written for those who are already mothers of toddlers.

I scheduled a play date last week at iJump, a warehouse full of inflatable bouncy castles and slides, before even considering that I shouldn't be jumping up and down or going down giant inflatable slides with a thirty pound child in my lap. Why? Because #2 will be making his or her debut sometime around January 18th! 

We told family and friends a mere 24 hours after a positive test, but waited until the doctor confirmed that I was, in fact, with child before telling the social media world. I am the worst secret keeper ever.

C is pretty excited about it (as excited as a two year old can be). She calls herself "big sister" and kisses my belly all the time. She thinks poking my belly button tickles the baby. She also thinks the ultrasound photo looks like a cat.

We couldn't be more thrilled about this baby. I can't wait to watch our family grow.

For now, I'll just watch my belly grow (at a much faster rate than the first time around) and try to avoid trampolines.

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