Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ballerina Baby

C is certainly not lacking in the personality department. Her imagination has really taken off lately. She spends large parts of her day pretending to be something else (a frog, a dog, a chicken, a princess, a ballerina, a super hero) and expects us to play along too. 

If she is a dancer, I must also wear a tutu and spin around the living room. If she is Super Catherine, I must fix her cape and "fly" around the house. If we are frogs, I have to hop.

Today, she woke up in full ballerina mode. She wore her pink tutu, her ballerina shirt, and danced around the room with her Ballerina Baby (I danced too). When we went outside to play, Ballerina Baby came too.

Ballerina Baby wanted to slide and swing. Then, she just wanted to catch Banks (who Catherine has started lovingly referring to as "Catherine's Banks"). Catherine and Baby chased Banks around the yard until he finally sat somewhat close.
Success. As you can see, Ballerina Baby was pretty happy with herself.

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