Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter...One Month Later

So, let's just pretend I posted this a month ago.

We celebrated Easter at our lake house and, even though it was a little rainy, managed to squeeze in a quick egg hunt and bunny photo shoot.

Oh yeah, the Easter Bunny. C was NOT a fan this year. Last year, she couldn't get enough of him. This year, she refused to sit by him unless she was in my lap. Luckily, I actually showered and wore makeup that day. I'll count that as a win.

Looking adorable while terrified.
I didn't stress over Easter this year. She is not old enough to remember decorating eggs; and food coloring with a messy toddler sounded unnecessarily stressful. But, hunting for eggs was right up her alley. We go on "treasure" hunts all the time, picking up leaves, sticks, rocks, and other treasures from around the back yard. She loves to collect things. So, Aunt Mallory and Uncle Pete hid the eggs while I got her ready. We underestimated her abilities and made it way too easy. She's a pro.

She loved hunting the eggs; but when she realized they were filled with snacks, she was really excited! 

She LOVES "cwocolate"

The Easter Bunny did come visit. He brought new Croc sandals for the lake, a monogrammed beach towel, a few new books, and, of course, a new bunny. But after the Easter Bunny went to bed, CiCi and Poppa decided there was not enough chocolate in her basket and added even more. I'm not sure she noticed anything but the chocolate!

Feeding a carrot to the bunny
Bunny family
After she ate her weight in chocolate, I bribed her with even more chocolate to pose for some photos on the boat in the beautiful dress my mom made.

We spent our Easter weekend playing, going on boat rides, eating delicious food, and relaxing with family (and eating tons of chocolate). Not a bad way to spend a holiday!

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