Sunday, March 3, 2013

Party Girl

There is nothing more fun than watching your child run around and play with bubbles with a room full of her toddler friends. We had Catherine's 2nd birthday party last weekend at The McWane Science Center. It is one of her favorite places to go, so it was an easy decision when it came to party planning this year. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!
Daddy driving C to her party
Watching the Vulcan ball machine while we wait

We were early (my fault) and had to wait for fifteen minutes before we could go back to the party room. Fifteen minutes is an eternity to a two year old, so she had a mini meltdown right before her party started. Poor thing. Waiting is hard.

But, as soon as she got a milk and was wheeled back to her room, she was a happy girl.
Bubbles AND goldfish?!
The room we got was perfect. The main activity set up was a big bubble table with tons of wands, but the room was also full of other activities for little ones. C got right to work!
Grocery shopping.
Bubble table with cousin Abigail

It was so much fun to see all of her friends playing. The funny thing about this age is that while they are often playing together, they are rarely playing together. Regardless, I think they all enjoyed themselves!
Drayton making bubbles
C working hard at the bubble table
C and Ben at the bubble table
Blowing bubbles with our sweet party helper
Abby and Catherine
Ben at the bubble table
When it was time for cake and singing, Catherine was a little shy, until she heard her name. Then she got excited. She worked so hard to blow out those two candles (then Mommy helped a little)!

Yummmmm. Cake and Ice cream!

Enjoying cake with London, Sara, Abigail, and Connor
Sharing with Aunt Heather
Daddy's girl.
London and Sara
Calton and Ben enjoying a snack
It was so much fun to be surrounded by family and friends. I didn't get nearly enough photos of Catherine with everyone (including one with Mommy and Daddy), but I am so grateful for a room full of people we love and I know she had a blast.
CiCi, Aunt Mallory, and Mommy with the birthday girl
Catherine and all of her honorary "aunts"
After the official party was over, everyone was free to roam and play in the McWane Center. Catherine pretty much parked it at the water table - her favorite spot. It was such a fun party!
GiGi and Poppy

Water table concentration
Playing with CiCi
Showing Cousin Major and Uncle Mitchell how it's done.
Sand table with Aunt Jenn
Being silly with Poppa
High five, Mim!
Headed home for more fun!
Sleepy birthday girl on the way home (her only nap of the day)!

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