Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today was one of those days. You know, the days where only a couple hours in, you're ready to call a do-over? It really all started last night. Last night, as I was getting C ready to take a bath, she had her first walking catastrophe. 

The bathroom makes me nervous anyway. While virtually the entire house is baby proofed at this point, it's pretty impossible to make tile floors and bathtubs not hard and scary. So, as I was filling the tub, C was unrolling the toilet paper (I pick my battles). She was so excited to have toilet paper in both hands, that she ran toward me, arms outstretched with her new find. Then, because she's been walking for all of four weeks, she lost her balance and, before I could catch her, face planted into the edge of the tub.

It. was. terrifying.

There was screaming and crying and then I saw the blood and then I was screaming and crying. I completely lost my composure. I called Husband, who was still at work, in hysterics. She wouldn't let me look in her mouth so I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. I was hoping she had just bitten her lip, but was imagining an ER visit and stitches. She was doing that kind of crying where she gasps for air in between screams, only making me cry harder. 

Husband quickly snapped me back into gear, reminding me that my freaking out was only going to make her more scared. So I took a deep breath and began treatment. We used ice chips in a mesh teething bag, a cold wash cloth, and a sippy cup of ice water to soothe until the Advil kicked in. Then we snuggled and snuggled and snuggled while she cried for a couple hours. Finally, at 10:00, she fell asleep. I thought we had made it. She would sleep it off and feel fine in the morning.

Then she woke up... an hour later. We watched Baby Einstein. We watched Elmo. We had a snack. I even got desperate and reverted to a bottle, but when your lip is cut and swollen, no bottle or paci will work. She finally cried herself to sleep at 4:00. 

Today, our morning started at 7:00. She woke up screaming. A sippy cup of milk and some morning cartoons (plus more Advil) calmed her down a little, but our day was pretty dicey from there. No morning nap. She finally crashed around 12:45 for 30 minutes. Then, with dinner plans at 5:30, I put her in the car at 4:30 hoping for a car-induced nap on the way.

But...surprise! The garage door broke. It went up 6 inches, it went down 6 inches. I used the manual release and all the strength my arms could muster and it wouldn't budge. We were trapped in our garage. Awesome.

So I cancelled dinner plans, unloaded C, and gave her a snack since a nap was clearly not happening. Then it was decided. This day was in desperate need of brownies.

So C got to eat brownies for the first time AND the whole mixing and pouring process was distracting enough for her to forget she was tired and cranky. Win win.

And then, against all odds, she actually let me rock her to sleep at 7:30. Tomorrow is another day. Until then, I think I'll eat a few more brownies and go to bed. Sometimes being Mommy is exhausting.

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