Sunday, March 25, 2012


Somehow it didn't occur to me that C turned 13 months two days ago. For one year, we diligently took a photo on her month "birthday," and the first month without a sticker, I completely let it pass me by. Our baby is no longer a baby. She is officially a toddler.

I honestly didn't even realize it until a few mornings ago when it hit me like a ton of bricks. She no longer crawls.

For weeks, she has been sporting a walk/crawl combo, starting with a walk and then dropping to a crawl when she needed the speed. But, the other morning, as I put her down on all fours, she immediately stood up and walked away. She practically runs now, waddling with great speed and exuberance. The girl is driven. The dog can escape her no more.

She LOVES kicking and throwing her soccer ball
She no longer uses a paci. This is something I was planning to work on eliminating in a few months, but after the great bathtub incident of last week, she quit cold turkey. No turning back. I have to say, I have been missing the ease of nap time and bed time with our friend, the paci, as well as the welcomed distraction while waiting in the checkout line of Walmart; but, in the long run, I guess it's a good thing I won't have to come up with some creative way to "break" her paci in a few months. Look how sweet it was though...

She has mastered the sippy cup.

She eats nearly everything that we do (no more purees for this girl), feeds herself, and always remembers to share with others...
She wakes up talking and doesn't stop until she falls asleep...
She fights sleep with a vengeance and gets her way the majority of the time (unless a boat ride is involved).
She is sassy and funny and seriously girly. She loves shoes, and dancing, but also loves to play with her football and soccer ball. 

She's our Catherine. And perfectly so. And even though some days are longer than others and some require more caffeine, I honestly can't believe I get to spend every day with this little person. Thirteen months later, I still can't believe she's really ours.

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