Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do Me a Solid

C is officially dining on something solid: rice cereal. By solid, I mean not a bottle (although one could also consult the urban dictionary in this case, which defines solid as superior or excellent).

Either way, rice cereal is pretty freakin solid.

We tried rice cereal for the first time around 4 months and C hated it.Then, her pediatrician told us to wait until 6 months for anything solid because "studies show that introducing solids too early causes childhood obesity." I then ignored this suggestion and tried rice cereal again last week. Because, while I'm no expert, I'm pretty sure introducing a mushy, bland, paste-like substance to my child a month earlier will not make her obese. That role still belongs to the happy meal.

So, I mixed a little in a bowl, put C in her Bumbo, and went to town. And. it. was. awesome.

C may not have gotten the whole eating-from-a-spoon thing down immediately; but, not only did she find it hilarious, rice cereal in her diet also does magical things like allow her to wait FOUR hours in between bottles and actually SLEEP at night.

I love rice cereal. I want to write a sonnet for rice cereal. I've made a small shrine in my kitchen to rice cereal. 

In other news, C has decided she no longer needs me to feed her:

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  1. HA! LOVE IT!! Just wait, if rice cereal was good, oatmeal will rock her world! And I won't even start on what fruits and veggies do! That is precious!!