Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catch Up: The First Month

My little man turns three months old tomorrow, so I thought it was probably time for his one and two month updates. I actually wrote the one month post on time, but as I was editing, I thought it sounded too perfect. It was very we-had-another-baby-and-nothing-was-hard-and-life-is-perfect sounding, which we all know is far from the truth. 

The truth is, the first month was really tough. It was wonderful and beautiful and everything else that a newborn baby is, but it was also exhausting and kind of scary. With Husband's work schedule being as crazy as usual, I was sort of thrown into this at home by yourself with two kids thing pretty quickly with very little relief. It was an adjustment. 

Most nights, I knew the day was over when everyone, including me, was crying. My patience with C was unusually short and her tantrums were unusually frequent. I served a lot of frozen waffles, cereal with bananas, and Chick-fil-A.  C was late to school once a week, forcing me to walk her in, with baby brother in tow, often while wearing yesterday's stains on my yoga pants. 

I started playing games like see how high you can jump on my bed just so I could pee all by myself.

Then, two weeks in, there was a really fun snow storm which no one predicted, making my usual ten minute trip down the highway to pick up C from school a three hour journey with a two week old baby in the back seat. We were snowed out of our neighborhood and I was suddenly really thankful for all wheel drive, my neurotic extra clothes packing in the diaper bag, and my laziness in unloading heavy things from my car which resulted in my having a whole case of formula on hand as we spent the night in the only hotel room we could find within safe driving distance.

It certainly made for an entertaining few days for our newborn (and his big sister).

Hanging out in Daddy's office (where we thought we might have to spend the night) with M&Ms and Peg + Cat

Not too sure about this snow

Snuggled up in the hotel room

C and Daddy getting some work done in the hotel room
After we were able to get to our house, we were then snowed IN, which is remarkably better than being snowed OUT, but still pretty inconvenient. Winter is not my favorite season.

So, Wilson spent his first month bundled in layers, inside, napping peacefully in between bottles. 

If we learned anything about him in his first month, it was that he wants to be warm; he wants to be full; and he wants to sleep ON you (a preference I do not mind in the least). He is just so snuggly and sweet.

At one month, he loves bottles, his hands, and his elephant lovie
In the first month, I learned how to cook while entertaining two children; I learned how to juggle baths and bottles and books and bedtime; I learned how to snuggle two kids at once; and I learned that my heart can expand and my love can grow every single day. It was scary, but it was so wonderful. We survived!

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