Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chewy Granola Bars

Remember those old Chewy Granola Bar commercials from the nineties? It was a series of kids repeating things their parents probably wished they didn't like "my sister dresses like a floozy" and "my daddy lost his paycheck at the race track." 

Then, the narrator's voice would say, "does your kid need a chewy granola bar?" and showed all of the kids chewing instead of talking.

I think about that commercial a lot lately.

Like last week when I drove through Starbucks on our way to a play date and she raised her hands above her head and cheered "hooray! french fries! I love french fries!" because, apparently, fries magically appear through all windows while in the car (and obviously more often than they should).

So after handing her chocolate milk and explaining that they don't have french fries, which was not met with understanding, I drove next door and got Chick-fil-A fries at 10:30 am.

Or the other day when I told her she was being too bossy and she looked at me and said, "I bossy."

I know this will only get worse. She already repeats everything we say and mimics everything we do. There is nothing like a toddler to keep you in check.

I see a lot of chewy granola bars in our future.

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