Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soaking It Up

Y'all, toddlers are so much fun. If you haven't played with a toddler lately, I suggest you find one asap (preferably one that belongs to your family or friends because talking to random kids on the playground is frowned upon). 

I absolutely love this stage. C is ten days shy of 16 months and every day is a new adventure. She is a tiny little sponge, soaking up everything she sees and hears, copying my every move. 

This morning, we played follow-the-leader, marching around the room together, spinning, clapping, rocking, touching our toes, patting our bellies. We sang Ring Around the Rosie and she laughed every time we fell down.  I'm not sure there is anything cuter in the entire world than watching a miniature version of Husband and me dance around the room.
Entertainment is key to running off some of that endless toddler energy, so we spent the afternoon exploring Aldridge Botanical Gardens. I'm so thankful to live in a city so full of activities - especially those that are free. If you haven't taken advantage of this beautiful public garden in Hoover, you're missing out. 

We were able to stroll through the shaded gardens, looking at hydrangeas, daisies, and lillies, watching squirrels scurry through the leaves and bees buzzing around the summer blooms. I pulled C in a covered wagon, the perfect gift from her Nana and Big Daddy, and she leaned out to touch flowers as we passed by, each a different color and texture, a new scent.

A boat house sits on a small pond within the gardens. As we approached the pond, Catherine clapped with glee as she saw a flock of geese swimming nearby. 

We parked the wagon and went inside the boat house. We peered over the railing and saw tons of turtles and fish swimming among the geese. We walked along the edge of the pond, watching a mother goose and her fuzzy goslings, and picking up pine cones and sticks along the way.

Then we ended our day with bubbles, which Catherine attempted to share with a giant bunny statue.

Some days I can't believe this is my life - soaking up every minute while watching her soak up the world. 

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