Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Dad

Last weekend, we celebrated the marriage of my sister to Peter at Children's Harbor on Lake Martin.  The day was absolutely perfect, a sunny 86 degrees, blue skies, blue water. But, as we neared this weekend with a newly fussy six week old, I had my doubts.

For six weeks, I had loved my new role as a stay-at-home mom, but my role as matron of honor meant that I had to relinquish my role as mom for a few hours. Husband was quick to step up in the childcare department and would have her for basically the entire day and throughout the wedding all by himself. I certainly wasn't worried. He's a great dad. But as I have experienced, C is not always predictable and recently, not always consolable. 

Husband's role as Super Dad started the night before the wedding as he took over feedings so I could get a little sleep and not add haggard to the mommy weight I was sporting in wedding photos that would last forever. Then, as I spent two hours getting ready, it was Super Dad to the rescue with bottles and burping, swaddling and soothing. I left for the church at 12:00, leaving him to dress the littlest flower girl in her fancy dress (including slip and headband), as well as feed and transport her to the chapel for the 3:00 wedding. 

Not only did he accomplish all of this flawlessly, but was able to keep C quiet in the 100 degree chapel throughout the entire ceremony, including pictures afterward. She was spent from being adorable and slept through the entire reception, passed from person to person without a peep, but Husband made sure he knew where she was at all times, when she needed to eat again, etc. And when the men's restroom didn't have a changing table, he even tried to change her in the women's restroom (to no avail). (We will be writing a strongly worded letter about that!) Overall, he made sure that I could enjoy every moment of my sister's wedding while still enjoying being Mommy and I couldn't be more grateful for my super husband and Super Dad.

Our family of three at sunset

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  1. Sweet photo! Whoo hoo for Andrew single dad'ing it for the day!