Thursday, March 24, 2011

40,320 Minutes

40,320 minutes. 28 days. 1 month. 

However you measure it, it's still unbelievable that my Catherine has been a part of this world for that long. I look at her and I am mesmerized by her mere existence. 

In one month, I have watched her gain strength as she struggles with the weight of her own head. I have watched her eyes focus more with each passing day, studying the details of my face as I talk to her. I have learned the subtle differences in her cries and have adapted (as much as possible) to her (our) sleep schedule. I have already folded and put away the first of her outgrown clothes as she is quickly surpassing "premie" stature.

I looked at pictures from the hospital today, from her first moments on this earth, and I wept at the realization of how quickly a month has passed us by and at how much she has already changed. I want to freeze time to make sure I can soak it all in. I want to hold her tiny body against mine until the feeling is saved to my memory forever. I want to breathe in that intoxicating baby smell that cannot be reproduced and savor the impossible softness of her skin. I want to record the sweet sounds of her sleeping in my mind to recall when she no longer sleeps beside me. 

And as I lie awake in anticipation of the 3:30 a.m. feeding, I want to put this moment in my pocket and keep it forever. Because an entire month has passed in seconds and I just can't wrap my mind around it.

1 day old (2-24-11)

1 month old (3-23-11)

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