Friday, February 4, 2011

Confessions of a Shoe Enthusiast

I have a recent craving and it is not for brownies or Krispy Kreme donuts or fresh avocados and kiwi. No, it is for something far less edible but, oh so filling. I have a craving for shoes. I don't yearn to buy new shoes. I simply yearn to wear my pretty heels again. 

I have really never considered myself to be in the latest fashion. While I may occasionally don something that is "in," my style tends to be more classic. But, for as long as I can remember, I have had a love affair with shoes. And for the last few months, I have traded in the pretty heels for the practicality of flats to accompany my newfound lack of balance combined with the fun of swelling ankles. 

What brought on this sudden need to wear fabulously impractical heels? you may ask. My baby sister's wedding. Baby due date: March 25th. Sister's wedding day: April 9th.

Before you wonder what insanity might lead our family to plan such epic events back to back, I must confess that the wedding came first and the due date was a pleasant surprise. The fact that they are mere weeks apart and that I will still not be looking my fabulous self, has inspired me to find the perfect shoes to distract from the larger-size-than-usual bridesmaid's dress I will be wearing (as if the cute tiny bundle of joy in my arms weren't distracting enough). 

So this morning, I sat in the floor of my closet and tried on all of my favorite shoes to both remind myself of what excellent taste I have and to see if any were appropriate bridesmaid/ new mommy/ holder of precious cargo shoes. On the plus side, I believe I already own the perfect shoes for the wedding. On the down side, I now miss wearing my pretty shoes. Do Manolos go well with hospital gowns?

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  1. My favorite post so far! Nothing beats a fabulous pair of shoes.