Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Still, In the Quiet Place...

My favorite time of day has become the moments just before I fall asleep when all around me is still and dark, the dog and cat are curled at our feet, and the only sound that fills the room is that of my white noise phone app. It is in these moments, as Husband has already drifted off to sleep and I am alone with my thoughts that little C comes to life. While I hate that her Daddy can't feel her tiny kicks yet, I can't help but love this special time we have with just the two of us. For just a little while, she moves and I am the only one who can respond. 

It is strange to think that she has been inside me for 31 weeks now. In the time it takes for the blistering summer to fade to fall and then to this bleak, gray winter, I have grown a little girl to almost full term. We only have a couple months left at best before her arrival and our worlds are forever altered. Only a few more weeks for me to scrub baseboards, and make burp cloths, and start smocking again. Only a few more weeks of feeling those tiny kicks inside me instead of watching them in real life before my eyes. For just a few more evenings, I share a special bond with my daughter that no one else in the world can, and for this, I embrace the quiet. 

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  1. What a sweet sweet post! Those kicks that you feel and those hiccups that make you jump are just the most amazing moments!! Love every one of them. When C is born, and she kicks and hiccups in person, you will appreciate them even more!!